Ashleigh Sumner is a self-taught artist living and working out of the Arts District in downtown, Los Angeles. Born in 1979 in North Carolina, Sumner received her Bachelor of Arts from Western Carolina University before moving West to Los Angeles. Much of Sumner's work is heavily inspired by the street art movement of downtown, Los Angeles and other urban areas across the globe. Her current process involves implementing found street flyers and images captured on her iphone. These images are printed, torn, and stacked repeatedly to create multiple, distressed layers of paper that are applied to wood panels. Sumner's natural love of literature is often implemented in her art by using selected pages from books, plays, poems, or newspapers that often express a political/social point of view. Acrylic paint, oil pastel, and spray paint are often introduced in the process by way stenciled images, and the scribbling of graffitied song lyrics, poems, symbols, quotes, or a single word. In Sumner's most recent work, the use of text is repeated over and over again (many times intelligibly) as a rambling stream of emotional conciseness, Sumner adds several coats of resin to each piece to add a smooth finish over the layers of gritty, distressed work underneath. Ashleigh has exhibited extensively through out California and most recently Europe.