Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen, b. 1971, Artist, designer and sculptor from Asker Norway. Her semi abstract paintings ha sheen exhibited in Norway, Cobenhagen and New York.

"The dissolved abstractions in the works reflects the human sense of undefined existence often seek the path of their own identity. Isolated from his ego and influenced, veiled and absorbed by the demands of society in contrast to the inner life of the mind." Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen are a professional versatile artist form Norway working with abstract/semi abstract paintings, graphics like woodcut and lithography, sculpture in marble and granite. She also do fabric design for the fashion industry. Mia has her education from the Royal Academy of Art in Oslo ( MA) and a degree from Westerdals School of Communication Art as well as fine arts from the Academy of Art in San Francisco with honors. Mia is represented by some of the largest galleries in Norway as Gallery-A and Gallery Fine Art. In 2015 MIA opened "ARTMIA concept room" a showroom in Bygdøy Alle 57 in Oslo and also launched a unique textile art and fashion design project along with TSH.