Mike Falcon is a self-taught artist whose work evolved from his early graffiti forays in Venice Beach, California and New York City. Falcon’s experiments with new mediums and techniques led to his current complex work on canvas which prompted Falcon to numerous gallery exhibitions in Europe and throughout the United States.

In 2006 he arrived in his signature style, the printed material made almost abstract by applying multiple layers of collaged strips, embedded with codified messages through word logos, shadow silhouettes, reconstructed cultural icons, and photography. Superheroes, pop figures, and cultural obsessions abound in Falcon’s work, juxtaposed with his ubiquitous word symbols. His passion for the graphical is inspired by his experience at the gritty periphery of the New York cityscape, where paper-plastered advertising walls reveal their histories layer by layer and now three dimensional. His intensely organized chaos combines this gritty aspect of the detailed cityscape with an ironic view of the contemporary American cultural scene.