Zevi G, b. 1984, Lakewood, NJ. Currently lives and works in Jackson, NJ


After a tumultuous childhood between the US and Israel and an admittedly colorful youth, Zevi has emerged from his plight to be a person with ambition and a de nite zest for life. After being bound by his past circumstances, he now seeks to break down any barriers that he encounters.


During his 20s, he became an entrepreneur and now owns and operates successful construction businesses in the New York tri-state area. He takes pride in his accomplishments in this eld: “For the last 11 years, I have been realizing other people’s visions. I have been installing whatever the designer has been telling me.” Now, with his art, he expresses his own creative vision.


An autodidact, Zevi’s interests include history, science, and politics: “I love to learn because, from others’ mistakes and experiences, we can learn to better ourselves today and for our next generations.” Zevi is also an explorer. Having visited over 25 countries--and counting--, each place has inspired him in some way.


He has seen the best and the worst of society. Having witnessed corruption, greed, misery and hardship, he chooses to live a positive life: “I am human and at times I can struggle, but I never want to hurt another person again or commit any act that would have a negative effect on another human. I want to help. I want to live a life where I can do more and give back.” So as a philanthropist, he commits 20% of his pro ts to charity. While he considers the world his home, Zevi currently lives and works outside of New York City in Jackson, New Jersey.