Samual Weinberg

The Adventures & Experiences of The Pink Man (No. 158), 2017

Mixed media on watercolor paper

24 x 18 inches

(Inv# SW7)



In Samual’s works, warped, cartoonish faces inhabit garish worlds that are full of odd details and references like deformed emojis and cryptic tattoos on his characters. Samual’s rich color palette is achieved through using oil paints and acrylic on canvas and the composition of his works is reminiscent of renaissance paintings with their elaborate and novella-like narratives. The artist is keen to maintain an air of mystery by keeping the meaning ambiguous for viewers, simply wanting the viewer to get as much out of his paintings as they want to. - Rebecca Fulleylove


Original painting by Samual Weinberg

Condition: Excellent condition
Signature: Hand-signed by artist
Certificate of authenticity: Included
Frame: Not included
Provenance: Acquired directly from the artist's studio


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